Polytechnics Mauritius and MINDEX enter into dynamic partnership

Jessica Naga and Yamal Matabadul

Polytechnics Mauritius hosted MINDEX CEO Jessica Naga and the wider team at their premises in Reduit to sign an Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), on the 8th of September 2023.

This MoA is the culmination of a year of discussions and planning! This partnership represents the joining of forces between a training institution that has, amongst other things, found the formula to give a second chance to late bloomers or those who, irrespective of the reason, did not succeed in the traditional schooling system by allowing a bridge between secondary school and tertiary education, led by Yamal Matabudul and MINDEX, a disruptive FinTech start-up that is making a difference by helping to build financial infrastructure to service Africans better,” explains Jessica Naga, CEO and founder at MINDEX.

She added that the wish and mandate are to create innovative courses, possibly as micro-courses to democratise education even more, and to help inspire better thinkers, disruptors and entrepreneurs, to serve the region.

This Memorandum of Agreement re-affirms MINDEX’s commitment to participate in capability building through training and up-skilling programmes for the next generation, to help power Digital Africa, she concluded.