OUR COMMITMENT We uphold the strictest standards in due diligence, regulation, AML/CFT, and technology to forge a disruptive yet secure infrastructure that benefits all stakeholders.
INVESTOR Empower Your Portfolio with the Best of Both Worlds. Dive into a diversified investment landscape where real-world assets meet the digital realm. Secure, transparent, and dynamic enhance your portfolio's potential with our trusted virtual asset marketplace.
ISSUER Tokenise, List, and Unlock the True Value of Your Assets. Transform your tangible assets into digital tokens and access a global pool of investors. Our blockchain-powered platform offers an efficient, compliant, and secure way to list and manage your assets in the evolving virtual marketplace.


A complete finacial infrastructure to issue, trade, swap, store & manage any type of real/virtual asset.
  • Cost effective
  • Disintermediation
  • Highly secured
  • Transparent
  • 24/7 Trading
  • Cross border
  • Streamlined compliance
  • Instant settlement
  • Seamless swap
  • Easy off-boarding


Unparalleled Due Diligence

Validation Matters. In collaboration with global frontrunners such as Control Risk, Chainalysis, we execute top-tier, risk-adjusted verifications, encompassing KYC, KYT, and KYB checks prior to any onboarding.

Unmatched Regulatory Adherence

We're shaping a compliant ecosystem, encompassing a securities exchange, a virtual asset marketplace, a digital custodian along with a dedicated clearing and depository

We are

Insured. Regulated. Licensed.

From its inception, Mindex has consistently upheld a paramount commitment to create, store & trade the best quality assets, resolutely refraining from any form of compromise in this crucial endeavor.

Blockchain technology

Cognizant of the transformative power of technology, we harness blockchain's prowess to refine, fortify, and expedite transactions and asset management, fueling innovation in both private and public sectors.

Furthermore, we've cultivated an array of sophisticated services and technical solutions tailored to champion the digital metamorphosis journey of public and private entities.


Manisha Dookhony

Economics and market reform expert- EU Africa RISE

In these times of great uncertainty, regulation of the digital asset space is key for trust building. MINDEX mission’s to build a regulated ecosystem for Mauritius, Africa and beyond is timely

Hirander Misra

Director Chairman and CEO of the GMEX Group

More so than ever there will be a flight to quality for digital assets activity enabled by credible regulations. MINDEX Group lays strong foundations for the sector with the required trust.

Twaleb Butonkee

Partner Deloitte

By issuing the first VASP licence to MINDEX, the Mauritius IFC is clearly showcasing its intent to embark on the virtual asset journey and promote the development of the industry through the robust legal and regulatory environment.